Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

The following will help to answer your questions about what is and is not allowed in your bin.

What materials are NOT allowed in my bin?2022-07-06T19:23:03+00:00

Due to government regulations outside of our control, there are a number of items that are NOT allowed to be placed inside your bin. Many of these items can be disposed of at local Eco Stations. See the City of Edmonton’s website for more information. Additional information on waste disposal for restricted items can be found on the Alberta Recycling website.

  • Hazardous waste and other potentially environmentally damaging items such as paint, animal carcasses, batteries, tires, etc.
  • Chemical, biological, pathological, or biomedical waste including their containers
  • Manure and sewage
  • Food waste & hot waste
  • Large amounts of rock, sod, dirt, and concrete (Contact us for clarification)
  • Certain household appliances such as fridges, and freezers
  • Televisions, photocopiers, and other computer equipment
  • Railroad ties

If you have any questions about what is allowed in your bin please contact us.

* All extra fees & penalties we incur related to restricted items will be charged to the bin renter.

What materials are allowed in my bin?2022-07-06T19:18:03+00:00

If your waste involves common non-hazardous materials, chances are you can put it in a bin. The following are examples of what is acceptable in your bin:

  • Construction debris including scrap wood, fencing, decking, flooring, etc.
  • Household furniture such as unwanted couches, tables, chairs, and desks
  • Household junk including boxes, books, old carpet, hand tools, power tools, and automotive parts clean of oil & grease
  • Small amounts of rock, sod, dirt, and concrete (Contact us)
  • Small garden debris including weeds, tree clippings, grass clippings, and potting supplies
What is the weight limit on my bin?2023-04-28T22:24:36+00:00

We cover up to 1,000kg of weight. If your bin exceeds 1,000kg you will be charged for the extra weight. Your invoice will reflect the amount as an “Extra weight charge” and it will be calculated based on the weight of your bin in correlation to the added wear and tear on our trucks and the additional fuel consumption from hauling heavy bins.

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